What is your camera policy?

Our camera policy varies from show to show, depending on the wishes of the performing artist and their management. In the event that you bring a camera to a show that does not allow the use of recording devices, you will be given every opportunity to return your camera to your car to store it.

We ask that you do keep in mind that, for the vast majority of concerts here that feature national and/or regional headlining acts, the camera policy the artist(s) ask us to enforce is NO AUDIO, NO VIDEO, NO PRO – with PRO being defined as anything with a detachable lens.

While as many as 95% of the concerts held at our venues have this policy, do keep in mind that there are other shows here where the camera policy may be either stricter or more lax. (Some artists who perform here have a completely open camera policy.) We are generally informed of the photo policy fifteen to thirty minutes prior to doors opening; so feel free to inquire with a member of our door and/or security staff when you arrive about the specific policy for the event you are attending.

If you are interested in obtaining a photo and/or video pass for a concert here, do not contact us. Those decisions are not made by the venue. Just like the general camera policy, passes and credentials are determined only by the artist(s) and their management.