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Sleepwalkers & Carl Anderson

Sleepwalkers & Carl Anderson

Sun · August 4, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over




"The treatment. Act 1. The York brothers. Richmond, Virginia.Completely saturated in rock and roll dreams, young Austin and Michael attend countless shows up and down the east coast with an older sister. Driven to start bands of their own, success comes early but remains incomplete. Major labels knock on the teenagers’ door for big city showcases even as the music industry slides into chaos. When the light of “getting signed” grows dim, the group falls apart and the brothers tumble into a creative funk. Enter a wise old friend with a massive record collection, serving as guru, nurturing them into wider musical appreciation, and providing a clear head space to start over. Cut to the farm, a gem of a rural studio, where they meet audio engineer and drummer Alex De Jong, kindred spirit and equally intuitive musical force. Something clicks as they work together to demo new material, nightlights go off above their heads, andSleepwalkersis born screaming.Sleepwalkersdelivers a parallel aural experience, shifting narratives populated by heroes and villains, lost love and love found, neon landscapes and windswept skyscrapers. The follow-up toSleepwalkers’ ‘60s fanstasia, cult-favorite debut,Greenwood Shade(2014),"Wake Up" and "Reasons To Give Up In You" feelequally effortless, backed by the band’s facility with the structures and language of pop music. These specific references, from Whitney Houston to Thin Lizzy, come so furiously fast and from so many different angles–production, singing, writing, arrangement, engineering–that the songs are never weighed down or overshadowed by their inspirations. An aesthetic based primarily on exhilaration.Sometimes when you let go of a dream, it comes back to you, and you realize that you weren’t ready for it before. Itis significant that Spacebomb, a label built on production and musicianship is releasing a record they have no direct hand in making. No need to improve on this maximalist pop masterpiece. In the Yorks and De Jong, the label recognized peers, with a unique process of their own, an equal love and knowledge of recording history, appreciation for all those high-watermarks across genre, an astonishing live band possessing a sound both stadium-filling and soul-nourishing, proven over tours supporting J. Roddy Walston & The Business, The Lumineers, and The Shins. Fantastic natural songwriting, personal experience amplified to a broad lyricism, uncompromising sincerity and uncompromising commitment to ‘having a fine evening,’ all of it steeped in the vernacular culture of Richmond. Cue the theme song, play the montage.Sleepwalkersis the story of some hard-working boys, whose talent and love of music sustained them, whose belief in each other carried them through."
Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson
“I realized through this process that we’re capable of handling a lot more pain than we think we can,” says Carl Anderson. “If that message can come through to even just one person who needs to hear it, then that’s what it’s all about.”

While pain is an integral part of the Nashville-based songwriter’s brilliant new EP, ‘You Can Call Me Carl,’ the collection is, at its heart, a story of resilience and resolve, an exploration of the ways in which we survive and the selves that we grow into. Recorded with an all-star backing band that includes Charlie Hall (The War On Drugs), Phil Cook (Hiss Golden Messenger), Daniel Clarke (Ryan Adams), and Rick Holstrom (Mavis Staples), the EP is lush but understated, with rich, rootsy arrangements underpinning Anderson’s reedy voice as he grapples with the fallout from infidelity, heartbreak, and betrayal. Despite their serious emotional weight, the songs are ultimately exercises in optimism, little journeys to Hell and back that find their author emerging stronger and more self-reliant than ever before.

“Sometimes when you’re in a difficult stretch like that, it can feel like you’re being tested,” Anderson explains. “Music was a way for me to talk through everything I was going through with myself, and I feel lucky now to be on the other side of it all with this EP in hand.”

The collection opens, appropriately enough, with “Bottom of the Bottle,” a shuffling, country-tinged tune about drowning your sorrows until the booze runs out. At once calling to mind the loping delivery of Justin Townes Earle and the timeless ache of Hank Williams, the track sets the stage beautifully for an EP that blends hard times and heartbreak with incisive observation and deep soul searching. The wistful “Roses” looks back on naivety of youth, while the soulful “Head Hung Low” builds from a delicate strum to an oceanic roar in its quest for solace. Perhaps the most affecting moment of the EP, though, arrives with the mournful “She Took Everything,” an ode to acceptance that finds Anderson poignantly asking, “What part of ‘she took everything’ don’t you understand?”

Dark as things may get, hope is never too far out of reach in Anderson’s writing. The driving “Dream Of You” leaves the past in the rearview mirror as it draws strength from faith in fresh starts and better days to come, and the lean and muscular “Ten Different Reasons” finds Anderson proclaiming, “I may be standing in the welfare line, but I’ve got ten different reasons why I feel alright.”

“I really do feel hopeful right now, like there’s nothing I can’t do,” Anderson says. “I wrote these songs for myself, but more than anything, I’d love for people to listen and hear some hope in it for themselves, too.”
Venue Information:
The High Watt
One Cannery Row
Nashville, TN, 37203