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The Brevet

The Brevet

Von Grey

Wed · May 16, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

The Brevet
The Brevet
When the feedback-laden, distorted-as- all-hell guitar intro to The Brevet’s new single, “Locked &
Loaded,” grinds to a crawl and lead singer Aric Chase Damm’s gritty vocals kick in, there’s a
moment where—if you’ve got an ounce of soul in your body—your foot starts tapping almost
involuntarily. The “woah-oh- oh” hook that hits next is the kind you feel in your bones, the
eminently danceable kind that makes you want to shoot straight up, kick your chair back, and
move. Every second “Locked & Loaded” begs for movement, an earworm that simply refuses to
quit. And making the tune all the more impressive, in a testament to the group’s raw creativity
and artistic ability, is the fact that The Brevet engineered and produced the track at the group’s
recording space in Westminster, CA—where they’d also recorded their first two albums.
As the lead single off the band’s upcoming record, LEGS, “Locked & Loaded” performs a crucial
task: Not only is it a representation of the band’s new sound and of what fans can expect from
the forthcoming album; it is an indication of how far the band has come since their previous
release, American Novel—a groundbreaking, highly acclaimed LP, released in a series of
American Novel, the group’s sophomore album, was preceded by the Brevet’s debut record,
Battle of the Heart, and earned the band features and beaming reviews in such notable
publications as Paste magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Deli, Substream, OC Weekly, and
many more. Per Substream’s Stephanie Roe: “There are just some moments in life that could
use an extravagant soundtrack to make it feel complete. The Brevet are here to help you do just
American Novel also opened the door for The Brevet in the form of some amazing opportunities:
Songs from the record have been featured in movies like An Open Secret, The Good Lie, and
Ashby; on TV shows such as Growing up Fisher, NCIS New Orleans, 90210, and even
American Idol; and on TV networks like the MLB Network and the SEC Network (ESPN).
While the band has certainly enjoyed the exposure, as well as the accolades they’ve received
from critics and fans alike, they’re particularly excited for the release of their upcoming
single—because, to Damm, it sets the stage for a tighter, more mature, redefined Brevet. It
represents a band who, having already achieved significant commercial success, is free to be
as creative as they want, driving their music in a wholly new direction.
Damm, who helms the band as its primary creative force—though, of course, his fellow
members contribute to the writing, engineering, and production process—says, of the band’s
new sound:, that “Locked & Loaded”
We’re writing in a way we want to write now. I’m not trying to follow trends; I just want to write
from my heart.”
Von Grey
Von Grey
Taking a multi-instrumental approach, Atlanta-born sister trio, VON GREY,
delivers cinematic, ethereal, and imagery laden alternative anthems soaked in
rich pop hooks. By drawing from the mysticism and the complexities of the
human experience, VON GREY blends classical instrumentation, three part
harmony, dark synths, and provoking lyrics to strike a delicate balance between
the divine and the carnal.
After playing nearly 500+ shows, including late night appearances on David
Letterman & Conan O’Brien, VON GREY took a calculated hiatus in late 2015 to
begin writing / recording material for their forthcoming release.
The EP's lead single, "Poison In The Water", was released in April 2017 and
garnered attention from numerous tastemakers, including Indie Shuffle who
likened the new sound to, "a darker, Lana Del Rey-influenced HAIM," adding,
"VON GREY's latest is spellbinding."
The follow-up single, "6AM", premiered on NPR All Songs Considered in late
June, accompanied by the headline, "ethereal and catchy don't often make a
perfect pair within pop music, but the combination is exactly what hooked me on
The band's 6-song EP, Trinity, was released December 8, 2017.
Venue Information:
The High Watt
One Cannery Row
Nashville, TN, 37203