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A Tribute to the Music of Tarantino

Joco Shows presents

A Tribute to the Music of Tarantino

Tue · October 31, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


This event is 18 and over

- All weapons
- Fake weapons
- Items that could cause harm to others (ie: baseball bats, chain saws, etc)
- Masks that cannot be removed easily to verify ID

Kree Harrison
Kree Harrison
The highly anticipated debut single from Kree Harrison is finally here. “This Old Thing” is the title track to Kree’s live, studio album recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC. “This Old Thing” embodies the timeless sound that Kree has spent her entire life working toward. Although timeless, This Old Thing is modern and was recently described as “fresh, now and tomorrow” by CMT’s Stacey Cato.

Although only 25, the sharp lyrics and deep emotional expressions make the listener feel like she is a seasoned veteran. That’s because she has been doing this her entire life. At the ripe age of 3, she belted out Amy Grant’s “El-Shaddai” at her local church in Woodville, TX. Kree signed an artist development deal with Lyric Street Records at 10 and moved to Nashville shortly after. While looking for songs to record, she declared that she wanted to record “He Called Me Baby” by Harlan Howard. That dream was fulfilled 15 years later in North Carolina when she finally recorded that song she was drawn to so many years before.

Many know Kree from American Idol Season 12 where she finished runner-up in 2013. American Idol did an amazing job of highlighting her vocal talent, but the show only scratched the surface of Kree’s artistry. In early 2015, Kree signed with Nashville’s independent Plaid Flag Music and began writing with her album in mind. She ended up co-penning 9 of the 13 songs on the album, stretching from before Idol to her time with Plaid Flag in 2015.

Many times Kree has said, “This record has been 15 years in the making.” There are numerous examples from songs written or inspired during her childhood that illustrate this fact. As cliché as it may sound, this album has truly been a product of the last 15 years of Kree’s life. The significance of This Old Thing as the album title, title track, first track on the album sequence and first song released is not an accident. This has been a life-long dream of Kree’s, but it’s been worth the wait.
Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald sings those words with soaring emotionality on “So Much Better,” a track from his upcoming debut, Modern Hearts. And those are the words of a man who has truly lived his lyrics.

Three years ago, after a heavily publicized divorce and the break-up of his former band, Paul left his life in LA in search of familiarity and solace. The Alabama-born artist found himself in East Nashville, feeling like a stranger in a region he once called home. That all changed when he picked up his guitar and began the process of what would become Modern Hearts.

“I had to take my life back and figure out who I was again,” he shares. “It took me a few years and a few hundred songs to get to that point.”

Paul story’s is the triumphant Modern Hearts, an album bursting with anthemic hooks, majestically textured alt-rock, tinges of Southern soul, literate introspection, and profound redemption. Previously, Paul’s broadly resonant musicality garnered him international acclaim and coverage from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, MTV, etc., and enabled him to share the stage with a diverse array of classic and current icons. Select performance highlights include sharing the stage with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Zac Brown, Father John Misty, Steven Tyler, Emmylou Harris, and appearing at festivals such as Bonnaroo, SXSW, and Hangout Festival and performing on nationally televised shows like “Good Morning America” and “The Tonight Show.”

It could be said that Modern Hearts is a breakup record documenting spiritual and artistic uplift. The 14-track body of work represents a full-spectrum of emotions, from soulful and sorrowful tracks, to invigorating new-life anthems, to meditative mid-tempo numbers.

“Writing helped me a lot during that time. I would wake up every morning feeling lost, but once I started writing, I'd tell myself, ‘I'm right where I'm supposed to be and It’s all going to be all good.’” Paul says with a good-natured laugh. He continues: “And as I gained my confidence back as a human being and as an artist, I started writing more upbeat and hopeful songs.”

“Once You Were Mine” oozes Memphis soul. Replete with stately horns, silken vocals, confessional lyrics, and a simmering groove, it recalls prime Al Green. The boldly vulnerable title track unpacks the painful complexity of breakups in the digital age. The invigorating “Hold On” hits that post-breakup sweet spot where anger overtakes heartache. Modern Hearts also boasts a cadre of got-my-mojo-back tracks, one standout is the ambient and slow burner “Call On Me” which lunges forth with an ominous, dub-funk groove, and a vocal delivery that oozes virility. The track’s chorus kicks off with a time-standing-still moment before it rockets skyward with an irresistible soul pop hook.

Modern Hearts was produced by Jordan Lehning (Caitlin Rose, Rodney Crowell, Andrew Combs), and features an all star cast of studio musicians whose resumes include Cage The Elephant, James Bay, Shawn Mendes, Maren Morris, Nikki Lane, Kacey Musgraves, and Buddy Miller, among others. The album was tracked with ace musicians playing in real time with sympathetic band interplay at the vibey Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC (Band Of Horses, Avett Brothers). Additional recording took place at Sound Emporium Studios (Jason Isbell, Alabama Shakes) in Nashville, TN.

Today, Paul is no longer a stranger in Nashville, nor is he a stranger to himself. Upon completing the album, he debuted his new material live for the first time in town, and, despite not having a record commercially available at the time, he sold out the club in his adopted hometown of Music City. Looking back on the powerful journey represented by Modern Hearts, Paul says: “Making this record saved my life. I regained my confidence and my sense of self through the process. But what has made the journey worthwhile is having other people reach out to tell me that listening to these songs has helped them through a similar situation. For an artist, there’s no better feeling than sharing emotions and helping people find strength and clarity through your music. That’s the real prize.”

Modern Hearts is set for a late summer/early fall of 2017 release.
Colin Elmore
Colin Elmore
Born into a musical family in Willow Springs, MO, Colin grew up surrounded by an atmosphere of music in the Ozark Hills. He first began writing original songs at the age of 16, with deeply personal lyrics even at a young age.

Prior to moving to Nashville, Colin earned a significant fan base in the thriving music scene of Springfield, MO. At the start of his career Colin was apart of a band that was named the #1 Alternative Rock band in Springfield, the band gained notoriety for their inventive sound and theatrical stage presence. Colin moved on to work with Arkansas based sibling band "The Franz Family" which he made his debut solo record with entitled "This Side of the Sun" recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tn.

Colin continued to perform solo and with friends, finally joining forces with the Danville Train out of Franklin, Tennessee.
"We met my first night in Nashville. I was in town considering the move and happened to touch base with our friends from the band SHEL, who invited me to a barbeque at Jake Finch's house (drummer for the Danville Train). We ended up playing country tunes on his back porch for something like 4 hours. It was basically love at first sight". Elmore says. The group formed out of that night and eventually went into the studio with producer Teddy Morgan (The Alternate Routes, Kevin Costner and the Modern West) to record their upcoming EP "The Wild Blue".
Angela Laino
Angela Laino
Angela Laino joined the Elite Miami Children’s Choir when she was thirteen. She has performed around the world, singing to audiences in Salzburg, Austria, The Vatican, and Carnigie Hall, as well as lending her voice to the Florida Grand Opera.

Angela attended the New World School of the Arts High School and began studies in the rigorous vocal and musical education program. Although the school was one of the top music schools in the country, Angel found herself insatiably drawn to deeper rooted music such as gospel, negro spirituals, and torch songs, which were not the musical focus at New World. Seeking a deeper connection to the music that was stirring inside of her, Angela joined an outside Gospel choir and finally felt whole again.

When Angela turned just seventeen, her mother passed away. It was then up to Angela to make ends meet. She began living on her own, going to school and maintaining two jobs in order to care for her younger sister. This would later be the source of inspiration for her riveting music. She had her hands full but was determined not to give up. Angela began working as bartender, always in establishments that provided live music, with the hopes of using their stages as an opportunity to share her own origional songs. It didn’t take long to turn this hope into a reality. Every job that Angela has ever had, to this very day, has had a stage that she’s performed on.

At twenty one, Angela was one of the the youngest business owners in Miami, opening The Tree of Zion vegetarian restaurant and live music venue. She was not only one of the first Vegan restaurants to open in Miami, but one of the few places that Miami musicians could call home. Many a beautiful song was born there.

Angela moved to New York City two years ago and is currently performing at premier venues across the city. She has recently been chosen to represent Tanqueray Gin as one of the faces of the brand for their two year campaign featuring young, passionate talent who follow and pursue their dreams with as much vigor as did Charles Tanqueray . The campaign is currently running nation wide, featuring billboards and internet commercials, which play across major sites such as Hulu, Pandora, and Eater.
Jason Martin
Jason Martin
I’m 31, originally from Plaquemine, Louisiana (just outside of Baton Rouge). I play rock and roll.

My dad Harold Bell Martin Jr., taught me how to play guitar at age 5. Having the patience of a 5 year old, I didn’t really catch on until I was 14. As soon as I got good enough to play “Free Bird”, I spent 11 years playing dive bars and casinos with cover bands throughout the Southeast. Had tons of fun, too much probably, but I finally decided that shit wasn’t worth the money, so I started writing my own songs and moved to Nashville in 2011. I had a friend in Nashville, so I came to visit him and instantly fell in love with the place. The second time I visited, I started renting a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom house in East Nashville, near Rosepepper.

After the move, I didn’t really have a purpose or a drive aside from getting drunk, writing songs and making money. With the move I released my first ever recorded EP called “First Sign of Light”. It’s garbage, no one should listen to it, but at the time, those songs meant something to me. 2011 flew by and before I knew it, I lost my job, and had some family drama and I needed to be with them, so I moved back.

It broke my heart, leaving Nashville. I resented every day I didn’t live there, I fell into a sloppy, depressed pit of drugs and drinking. I recorded a full length album called “The Blackout Sessions”, inspired by life at the time. It too was garbage, the guy who mixed it was actually deaf in one ear, but again, it meant something at the time. The album actually did pretty well though. The studio I worked at did foley for movies and got me a placement in a straight to TV christian film (I don’t consider myself a christian artist in any way shape or form). But because of that, the record did ok. In turn, I got to open for these folks: Marc Broussard, The Whigs, Turnpike Troubadours, Kevin Fowler (I had a booking agent who thought I was country for a while for some reason) and some other people I can’t remember. Aside from that 2012-2014 were some dark times for old J-bird (that’s what I call myself in my head). I needed a re-boot.

Early 2014, I got a management deal from a buddy in the metal industry and his boss, they funded an EP called “Welcome Home”. I actually still like some of the tunes on this one. I played some shows with it, but ultimately, nothing happened and I lost the management deal and paid them back.

Late 2014 I started getting calls from some friends in Nashville to play guitar for them. So, July 2015, I moved back to Nashville. Got me a good woman, and as a whole, I feel like I have most of my shit together. Two years later, after writing a shit ton of songs, I feel like I have 10 good ones that I plan on putting out soon. That’s my story thus far. Thanks for reading

-Jason Charles Martin
Venue Information:
Mercy Lounge
1 Cannery Row
Nashville, TN, 37203