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The Cunning: "Run Through The Desert" Album Release Show

The Cunning: "Run Through The Desert" Album Release Show

That's My Kid, Voltage Hawk

Fri · August 4, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

The Cunning
The Cunning
For rock n' roll bands, the ever-present obstacle for their music is proving authenticity. But for Nashville-based band The Cunning, the static following them has yet to hesitate. Formed in Nashville in the summer of 2013, The Cunning are an eclectic rock n' roll four-piece that give a respective nod to the south. Full of bluesy grit and energy, The Cunning are poised at the threshold of Nashville's evolving independent music scene.

Frontman Sean Cunningham cut his teeth in the success of his New Zealand-based band ATLAS before returning to his home state of Kentucky, and inevitably relocating to Nashville. Cunningham moved into an old graffitied house in East Nashville and began writing. He soon met Wisconsin-bred rocker Charlie Abbott and Israeli bassist Elad Shapiro, with the final piece falling in place when friends introduced drummer Cameron Monzón to the group.The Cunning was born. At it's most basic, the collaboration has created plenty of high-energy, new material, and parallels a fresh take on the East Nashville music scene. Influences like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Nirvana are key to the band, but their sound mirrors a lovechild of Ryan Adams and The White Stripes, and it goes by the name of The Cunning. "Bands like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin are repeat offenders.. they always seem to light a spark in me. Hearing Rage Against The Machine or Nirvana gets me psyched up, but records like Rumours by Fleetwood Mac remind me what great music is all about," says Cunningham.

Each playing integral parts, The Cunning's members equally fuse diverse backgrounds to create their sound. Classically trained in the trombone, bassist Elad Shapiro grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. He picked up a bass at age 14, and began soaking in as much blues and rock music he could get his hands on. Guitarist Charlie Abbott's love for both honky tonk guitars and Nashville's indie music scene led him to relocate on a whim in 2009 to pursue satisfaction with his music. Abbott's talent for putting a quirky tone on rock n' roll lifts him to write compelling guitar riffs that the average listener wouldn't expect. Drummer Cameron Monzón, a Kentucky native, has been consistently playing for fifteen years, without ever so much as having one drum lesson. Intrigued by classic rock covers in his preteen years, Monzón's drumming evolved as he became inspired by uplifting percussive grooves. Collectively, The Cunning is spontaneously creative in their live sets. Fueling their fans with energy, the band's raw talent is unquestionably leading them towards success. "Our inspiration shifts daily," says Cunningham. "It may be a classic song that sparks it, or simply listening to the radio and hearing something interesting inside a song that I don't even like. It happens when it happens.. the trick is to try and capture it when it does."

The Cunning are spending the coming months by focusing on songwriting and refining their sound. Playing Nashville venues consistently to their ever-growing and supportive fan base, The Cunning clearly isn't holding back, and their next several months will be far from quiet. With gigs lined up back-to-back, The Cunning is pulling Nashville in. And without fail, Nashville is pulling for them.
That's My Kid
That's My Kid
Aside from the obvious, the band That’s My Kid, and a panda bear don’t share too many similarities with each other. One is a cute, furry, and endangered mammal that mostly resides in the Orient where bamboo chutes are it’s main food source. The other, however, is a rock and roll band whose diet is solely composed of distortion, crash hits, and all things that groove.

Now, entering their second year as a group, That’s My Kid, is making sure everyone knows they’re open for business. From hitting the road touring, gigging around Nashville, or just playing super loud at band practice, odds are you’ll be hearing from them pretty soon.

Forrest Arnold, guitar/vocals, and Abraham Fongnaly, drums/enthusiasm, met in middle school many moons ago in Murfreesboo, TN. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that they started putting some songs together. Shortly after these impromptu sessions had begun, they found the last piece of their musical puzzle, bassist and overall cool dude, Jashaun Smith.

Ever since, TMK has been busy making a name for themselves. That’s My Kid has made themselves regular guests at many different house show venues, and of course many regular licensed venues, as well, all across the southeast. Last April they released their eight-song debut This One which is available for free download on their website, but their newest release was December’s EP The Dark Horse Sessions recorded in nearby Franklin, TN, also available for a free download on their facebook page.

That’s My Kid is knocking on the door. Nashville’s door, the music door, and most likely your bedroom door because they just wanna hang out. They’re gonna keep on keepin’ on, and pretty soon they’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ right to your front door.
Venue Information:
Mercy Lounge
1 Cannery Row
Nashville, TN, 37203