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Renn & Shannon LaBrie

Renn & Shannon LaBrie


Thu · August 24, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 18 and over

A force to be reckoned with, Renn hails from the North Carolina Coast. Having spent the past few years living and traveling across California and his current hometown of Nashville, TN, he has absorbed many stories and sounds that have propelled him as a masterful singer and storyteller. His new sound, drenched with folk undertones, bear his own unique soul and story. Take a listen as his rock-inspired compositions lead you straight into his emotions as the songs unfold.
Shannon LaBrie
Shannon LaBrie
Shannon LaBrie: War & Peace (official release April 1st)

Music by Nashville chanteuse Shannon LaBrie defies genre and brings to life insightful stories of a woman who remains true to herself in a life where uncertainty is certain. The Lincoln, NE native instantly became a favorite among music fans and critics alike with her powerful 2013 debut Just Be Honest. With her lead single, "I Remember a Boy," the independent release reached inside the Top Ten on iTunes and the Triple A Radio charts. Famed music blogger Bob Lefsetz wrote, "This track affected me. Made me believe like the great singer-songwriters of yore, maybe this woman has something to say. That in this crazy, mixed up, shoot-up world she can illuminate her story and people can relate."

In April 2016, LaBrie returns with her introspective sophomore album, War & Peace. Tracked live at Nashville's House of Blues Studio D with producer Tom Michael, War & Peace is an emotionally-charged collection of deep Americana soul that gives voice to the love and loss Labrie experienced throughout her life. "When I listen to music," Labrie says, "a lot of times, it's to make me feel good. But a lot of other times, it's to make me not feel alone. I started writing this album after a loss that put me at war with everything in my life. These songs are small doses of the war I feel inside and the peace I long to find."

The title track "War & Peace," is inspired by her boyfriend's unwavering commitment to their relationship following the loss of their unborn son -- a tragedy that continues to shake LaBrie's heart to this day. "I feel very fortunate that we made it through the past five years." LaBrie continues to explore love in the stirring rocker "It Took My Whole Life." The smooth and steady "Crumble" addresses how consuming love can feel, and the soulful "Ain't Just a Feeling" captures the solace love provides. "There was a time when love was a far-off dream," she says. "Feeling good, feeling like a woman, feeling beautiful wasn't something that came easily. 'Ain't Just a Feeling' came from a moment when I was able to step out of the sadness and just be happy."

LaBrie calls out American politicians in the fiery opener "It's Political," while "American Dream," celebrates feeling thankful to live in a country that offers its citizens a life of endless possibility as a basic human right.

Anchoring the soul of the album are the deeply emotional "Alcohol" and "Heaven Crashed Down." "Alcohol" is a moving ballad about trying to save a loved one from a life of addiction, but in trying, only kills the savior. In LaBrie's own words "There are people who are addicted to alcohol and there are people addicted to trying to fix the people addicted to alcohol. It's all addiction." In "Heaven Crashed Down," LaBrie gives a visual account of the painful loss of her father to cancer when she was only 13. She sings, "He was all we had, he was all I'd lost. The morning heaven crashed down, I grew up."

Austin Chronicle calls LaBrie, "a true guitarist singer/songwriter whose soulful voice's sensual honey-crisp highs brings to mind the late, great Jeff Buckley." She has opened for Gabe Dixon, Phoenix, ZZ Ward, The Head and the Heart, The Wild Feathers, Michael Franti and Valerie June. Her résumé includes South By Southwest, the Austin City Limits Festival, Road to the Hangout and Road to Bonnaroo.
With the breakup of his first band, Churchill, Tim Bruns left a single with radio airplay and a continental tour that would take him where every musician would conceivably like to go. This was supposed to be the stars aligned, the dream realized, or any other platitude that suggests success in an industry where most never get their first chance, never mind a second.

But it wasn't right.

Tim tried swearing the business off altogether. He tried mowing lawns and working as a maintenance professional. He tried writing songs for other people but it only made the inevitable conclusion to his story come into focus.

It was out of this soul-searching that B R U N S, a classic American rock band, was born. Tim moved to Nashville and met Ryan Harris Brown, an incredibly talented guitar player and songwriter. Then came Tom Whall, a drummer that provided an essential backbone to their budding sound. They played together for almost seven months before the idea of a band became a reality. In that time, all three members gained a new appreciation for patience and crafting – an art form that Tim wanted to desperately protect as he returned to music.

A powerful self-titled five-song EP became an organic extension of everything Tim, Ryan and Tom had gone through in their journey to this point, neatly packaged by their simple vision for what an American rock band should be: Guitars, pianos, bass and drums; Catchy but overwhelmingly introspective; Jarring but inspiring. Dealing with pressure, expectations and the idea that everyone is getting older can be complex emotions, but in under 30 minutes their music provides a decade’s worth of therapy and encouragement.

B R U N S is a gospel-infused Tom Petty as much as it is Bruce Springsteen in the New South. While the rest of the country yearns for simplicity, they have somehow adopted a style of music that only becomes more complicated with the passage of time. B R U N S is a well-earned retreat from the modern noise. A real guitar band.

Tim’s vocals, reflect the intensity of a born musician finally playing the songs he was meant to play. Ryan’s guitar adds an element of vintage sheen that lends the band a signature sound amid a Nashville music scene teeming with hungry musicians. Tom's rhythm, steady and simple, carries the sound from cover to cover.

It serves as proof that a dream deferred may be the best one.
Venue Information:
Mercy Lounge
1 Cannery Row
Nashville, TN, 37203