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Hit Makers presents


Brian Whelan, Andy Logan and the O.C. 75s, Sound & Shape

Wed · September 27, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 18 and over

Since the release of dada’s groundbreaking 1992 debut Puzzle, the trio has created an array of songs boasting progressive rock musicianship, dazzling vocal harmonies and melodic power pop layered with inspired psychedelic and experimental rock impulses. Adding to the trio’s groundbreaking line of attack are the marathon-length shows that deliver on the promise that every performance is the only one of its kind.
Two decades after the Los Angeles outfit embarked on its singular journey, singer-guitarist Michael Gurley, singer-bassist Joie Calio and drummer Phil Leavitt are celebrating dada’s 25th anniversary.

“dada is about digging into our roots, examining and celebrating it.” Says Calio

Puzzle was released on September 8, 1992, and it didn’t take long for the band’s sonic imprint to find an audience. The album’s first single “Dizz Knee Land” found widespread airplay on alternative and mainstream rock outlets cracking the Top 5 on the Modern Rock Single’s chart and pushing the album’s sales to over 1,000,000 worldwide. The band was soon touring around the globe, opening for the celebrated likes of Crowded House, Depeche Mode and Sting.

“People always ask, ‘Do you still talk to each other after all these years?’ So that’s really why I wanted to commemorate it because no matter the size of the career if you can stick together and still have a desire to play music together you have accomplished something” explains Leavitt.

Dada was founded when Gurley and Calio began writing songs and performing as an acoustic duo in the late ‘80s. But from the beginning, their approach was unique amidst the onslaught of ‘90s bands featuring lead singers and mostly generic backing bands.

“Joie and I were both lead singers. But we really found quickly that harmonies were going to be a big strength for us,” recalled Gurley, noting both he and Calio are fans of Simon & Garfunkel’s pioneering harmonies.

Gurley noted that once they recruited Leavitt, they were able to blend the thunderous power of trios such as Cream with the artful harmony-minded songcraft of Simon & Garfunkel.

The success of Puzzle was followed in 1994 by American Highway Flower, featuring the ambitious “Ask the Dust” and astounding “Feet to the Sun,” dada has gone on to create a magnificent discography featuring a half-dozen full-length albums and an EP. The trio has also issued a number of solo efforts and offshoot projects along the way exploring a range of styles including folk, blues, jazz and rock. Gurley and Leavitt were both members of Butterfly Jones while dada was on hiatus in the early ‘00s; Calio has released several solo discs and with X Levitation Cult. Mike Gurley and the Nightcaps are a popular jazz group in Southern California.

Additionally, Leavitt has stepped out from behind the drum set as lead singer and Calio is playing guitar in 7Horse, a psychedelic blues project that has released 3 albums to date. Bringing a stripped-down approach, 7Horse cuts to the bone and identifies core feelings and phrases in their music. Their latest effort Livin’ In A Bitch of A World was released earlier this year. Their debut album Let The 7Horse Run spawned the hit song Meth Lab Zoso Sticker, which was chosen by Martin Scorsese for his film The Wolf of Wall Street. Since then, it’s had over 1.2 million views, 5.5 million streams and over 100,000 downloads.

Long-time and new fans of dada all have one thing in common; they are passionate about the band and have a deep connection with its three members.
Brian Whelan
Brian Whelan
Brian Whelan adds to the sarcasm with a blistering Scruggs-inspired banjo solo by veteran LA picker Herb Pedersen over the punkish rock that makes the song and the sentiment come full circle. Even so, Americana radio is going to have a hard time ignoring this unstoppable and instantly likeable blazer.
Andy Logan and the O.C. 75s
Andy Logan and the O.C. 75s
A tour of Andy Logan’s basement reveals an obsession. Here's a guy who has a lot of amplifiers and a ton of pedals, most of which he built himself. It’s an interesting tour for gear heads. And if you get him started on Blues…

Logan’s passion for gear and all things esoteric does not, however, distract him from his love of songwriting. Six of his songs have reached the finals in international songwriting contests. “I bought THAT with Shadow on My Trail”, he says, pointing to another well used piece of gear.
Andy Logan grew up in the San Francisco bay area in the sixties and seventies, when the music scene was huge. There was a definitive “San Francisco Sound” that would later form the foundation for nearly every song Andy writes.

In the early eighties, when Logan was attending the University of California at Santa Barbara, he formed a psychedelic folk rock group,The Colours, who soon after, won a local battle of the bands. After moving to Los Angeles, changing some personnel and modernizing the sound a bit(at the request of their new management), the band became Little America, and was signed to Geffen records at the end of 1985. Little America made two albums, sold over a hundred thousand units, and landed a couple of top ten FM radio hits, namely Walk on Fire. The group broke up in 1989, but has played a handful of reunion shows. Two laughably dated videos can be found on Youtube.

In 1993, Logan and extraordinary drummer/musician Kurt Custer (Little America, Steve Earle, Lynyrd Skynyrd) teamed up to record Custer and Logan, a groundbreaking piece of soulful Americana, then he followed with three solo releases, Last Dance on the Wild Frontier, 2002, Ride, 2006, and Psychedelic Delta Moonshine, 2010, all featuring exceptional tunes without filler.

This time around, instead of writing songs for a record, deciding how he was going to record them, and then determining what mood or atmosphere he would choose for each one, Andy Logan worked backwards. He built the gear he wanted, built the sound he wanted, then wrote the songs to fit the sound.

A fixation with Jeff Beck’s Yardbirds fuzz tone on Heart Full of Soul and Over Under Sideways Down led him to begin building fuzz pedals, and then ultimately, amplifiers. After 14 fuzz boxes and 3 slightly modded Fender style amps, Logan began writing songs that expressed his love for Blues in the style of Hendrix, Trower, Cream, Free, and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, and also for Bay Area sixties garage bands like The Count V and The Chocolate Watch Band.

Transistors of Mercy, Andy Logan’s 4th solo effort, is the result. Backed by the O.C. 75s* (Paul Slivka-Bass, and Brian Glass-Drums), Andy plays all of the guitars, with the exception of the legendary Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Strawberry Alarm Clock), who solos with his trademark virtuosity on the track “Mr. Nothin’”.
This is one relentless Blues-filled, fuzz laden, energy-driven, vibe-laced, acid tripping, train ride of a record. And it’s got a cool surf instrumental on it.

*O.C. 75s, incidentally, are germanium transistors used in some of the original Sola Sound Tonebender fuzz boxes made in the mid sixties. Jeff Beck used one for his Yardbirds recordings.
Sound & Shape
Sound & Shape
“We don’t have to buy what they sell.” It’s a lyric from Sound&Shape’s new EP but it could also be seen as an ethos the band has clung to for the length of its career. Starting off in a time where Rock And Roll was seen as almost passe and practically unmarketable, the band saw a point on the horizon and has worked tirelessly to reach it. An artistic vision based on both brutal honesty are theatric artiface, Sound&Shape’s body of work speaks as a testament to the belief in the transformative power of music, Rock and Roll specifically.

A mostly straight line can be drawn from the band’s ambitious debut record, “Where Machines End Their Lives,” through the “Love Electric” EP, to the more straightforward “Now Comes The Mystery” EP and the second proper album, “Hourglass.” With their third full length, 2014’s “Bad Actors” they went further afield in all directions and reached new personal songwriting heights. Now they’ve come to “Peasants,” a 5 song EP that takes the band’s sound and again elevates it to new levels. Tightly packed musically, with lyrics relatable on both a personal and socio-political level, this EP is the next natural step in their evolution.

After having been a 3 piece since their first album, Ryan Caudle (guitar, vocals), Gaines Cooper (bass, vocals) and Grant Bramlett (drums) brought in Chris Hurst on second guitar to fill out the sound both live and in the studio. With “Peasants” ready for release, the horizon looks bright and the road ahead looks long and exciting.
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