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Kaleb D

Kaleb D

Big Henry, Classic Williams

Sat · March 4, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is 18 and over

Big Henry
FI$TFULL / SLUMERICAN = Same gang... We stand for the same thang$$$$
Classic Williams
Classic Williams
“Here we are and we’re not leaving / oh no / we’re the niggas from the 21st Century / Make room for the 21st Century” - 21st Century (C. Williams / #SMH)

It is time for Nashville to turn their eyes and ears to the skies, where you will find Nashville native & hip-hop enigmatic Classic Williams and his ever evolving movement known as the “Klowd Krowd.” Consisting of up-and-coming DJ’s, Vocalist, Rappers, Designers and fans of the genre, Klowd Krowd is a movement of young creatives that are separating themselves from, and reviving Nashville’s languid and aging urban scene. First out of the gate is the aforementioned Williams, a skilled MC and songwriter that recently released his critically acclaimed mix tape "The Soul of Nigger Charlie," instantly becoming a crowd favorite.

“I ain’t gotta front / I got just what they want / I got that dope shit / kickin’ it like a punt / and I ain’t even done / Comparin’ me to anyone / The game ain’t even started / But I feel as though I have one” - Dope Shit (C. Williams / Epic Win)

Dropping consecutive Mixtapes in 2010 & 2011 (#SMH & The Soul of Nigger Charlie) as well as feature appearances on several local projects, the buzz around Williams has steadily grown throughout the Southeast Region. Currently enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University (Recording Industry Major, concentration in Music Business) Williams’s passion for music started at an early age, and as he remembers music has always been a part of his life... recalling his early years: “I have always been an entertainer and music has always been my passion, I was an only child so I loved a crowd, always putting on shows for my mom and her friends.” A very famous family connection would soon help a young Williams unleash and expand his creative drive by affording him the opportunity to travel the world.

Traveled the world by age 12 / Seen the Mona Lisa’s face in detail /
How could I relate to anyone else / They never understand the stories I tell
- The Intro (C. Williams / #SMH)

Classic’s Great aunt is Oprah Winfrey’s Godmother, Ms. Winfrey took an interest in a young Williams and personally funded his travels to destinations such as: Australia, France & England. “To travel like that at such a young age was a privilege and an amazing experience. It wasn’t all vacation though, they were designed as learning opportunities, it really opened my mind to the world, in turn expanding my songwriting."

As an engineer, Classic’s mother was required to move across the country multiple times; for a sense of stability Williams was raised by his grandparents in Greenbrier, Tn. “I grew up in white neighborhood, I went to private school and had been in their system since kindergarten, by the time I got to high school I was the only black kid who had not transferred in to play sports. High school was a bizarre experience, the black kids said I was not black enough, and the white kids did not wholly accept me because I was black.” Those high school years not only introduced Williams to his first love: Hip-Hop, it also opened his eyes to the reality of the world around him.

And then he grew into a young man / been there so long the kids had accepted him / having a nigger as a friend still didn't feel right / tried to take his blackness away / said he spoke white - Sometimes Day - (C.Williams / The Soul of Nigger Charlie)

“There was this girl in high school that liked me but she told me she couldn’t date me because I was black. That was actually the first time I wrote a song, it was all about that moment. From then on, I decided to write what I feel, every one of my songs, even the light ones are created from raw emotion."

So now I’m cold actin like I never gave a f*ck / It was all knew to us / guess it was beginners luck / Divorcin’ feelins now we splittin up the memories / She chose the starry nights / I chose the stupid fights - Goodbye Love (C. Williams / #SMH)

One reason that Classic's music has seen a surge in popularity is his ability to vividly deliver a picture via words. “When I was first introduced to MC’s like Jay-Z & Nas, it really opened up my mind, Jay really made me visualize his lyrics, it made me realize I could do this because that’s how I was already writing.” Listeners have come to expect William’s penchant for intricately flowing lyrics sprinkled with diverse commentary, rhythmically moving feet, lyrically moving minds. Teaming up with some of areas hottest up and coming producers has taken William’s sound to the next level. The majority of production on the forthcoming “Epic Win” & all of the production on "The Soul of Nigger Charlie," was created by Klassix Jones who hit the scene big producing the Southern smash “Walk wit a dip” by Louisiana Cash. Nashville’s own NYSE lends his meticulous ear to several cuts on "Epic Win." Nashville resident Matic Lee (Tech N9ne, Young Buck) serves up production and a guest appearance on #SMH’s “Azzhole” and rounding out the production credits on "#SMH" is Multi-Platinum producer Ensayne Wayne who has worked with artist such as: Plies, Prince CyHI, Lil’ Wayne, Yo Gotti and the list goes on. Grammy nominated Engineer / Mixer: John Horesco IV lends his talents mixing and mastering the upcominf "Epic Win."

So till then / I’m gonna grind / Of course I gotta get it / Cause I do it for my City and my niggas who ain’t with us / The Dope Kids, Go-getters, Singers and The Spitters / So tell me would you rather have dreamer or a quitter
- Grindin’ (C. Williams - Epic Win)

Calling your debut album “Epic Win” could be seen as a bit dreamy, maybe even braggadocios, but William’s confidence is contagious and he is well aware of the road laid out before him. “This is just the beginning, my first two mixtapes were like playing in the minor leagues, they prepared me for the next level and that’s where I plan on taking my next couple of releases. I literally will not stop until they are handing me a Grammy, and even then... I’ll just be getting started.”

This is just the intro / What you waitin’ for / This is just the intro /
Thought this was the end no / This is just the intro /
This is just the start of my life - The Intro (C. Williams - #SMH)
Venue Information:
Mercy Lounge
1 Cannery Row
Nashville, TN, 37203