Last Dinosaurs w/ Born Ruffians & Casters
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Last Dinosaurs w/ Born Ruffians & Casters

Ages 18+
Last Dinosaurs w/ Born Ruffians & Casters at The High Watt

Arita, Japan, is an otherworldly place.

An ancient village that last experienced an economic and cultural

boom 300-400 years ago, Arita is now almost a ghost town, littered

with old abandoned houses and overgrown with peace blossoms and

Japanese maple trees. It’s a quiet, tranquil and contemplative place to

be. It’s also the place where Last Dinosaurs decided to escape to

record their first new material in the aftermath of the release of their

acclaimed 2015 Wellness LP.

It was early 2017, and the band had just spent more than 12 months

on the road playing shows in support of Wellness, all the while filing

away inspirations and ideas that would fill their next chapter as a band.

It was a time for them to search for new inspiration, and so they

packed what was essentially a mini studio (one mic, one interface,

speakers, a computer and a few instruments) and travelled to the

isolated town of Arita. The band’s principal songwriters, Sean and

Lachlan Caskey, are of Japanese heritage, so in some ways this was a

pilgrimage to find their roots, and yet once there, it dawned on them

quickly that the place itself was completely foreign.

“We went there to seek isolation,” explains Sean. “Somewhere very

regional, very quiet. We wanted to feel like real outsiders in a place for

some reason. Often, we don’t feel like we really belong in Brisbane or

Australia musically (even though we love being a Brisbane band), but

wanted to record somewhere where that isolation could be felt

everywhere, all the time, so we could properly capture it.”

It was here they penned a string of songs that would go on to form

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their third album, and included in that bunch was their huge new

single, ‘Eleven’. ‘Eleven’ has already been earmarked as a future

classic of the band, thanks to the irresistibility of the swirling guitars,

boom-boom-bap drumming, and Caskey’s dynamic vocal performance

recalling Discovery era Daft Punk one moment, before diving to his

lower register and delivering a vintage Julian Casablancas. It’s subtly

emotional, slightly jagged, and slathered in a beautifully distorted


It’s initial inspiration though, came from a much more raucous

environment than the serenity of Arita within which it was recorded.

“We were at Splendour In The Grass a few years ago, watching The

Strokes play and I was immediately inspired,” says Sean. “I went home

and wrote this song on my brand-new Rickenbacker guitar, even

writing my first proper guitar solo for the track, and it ended up being

one of the first of a new batch of songs that informed our upcoming


‘Eleven,’ stands in many ways as the perfect counterpart to the wallop

that was the band’s comeback single ‘Dominos,’ which has been

dominating the airwaves since the start of the year. Both songs

combine to give a nod to Dino’s earlier, guitar driven sound, while

reinforcing the impeccable pop song structure they’ve developed

through their last six years in the spotlight. ‘Eleven,’ most notably, is a

marriage of all that’s come before it – the driving guitars of In A Million

Years and the assured pop dynamics of Wellness – presented with a

revitalised, effervescent energy they drew from Arita.

“This album has been a lot about revisiting our roots in every way,”

says Sean. After hearing ‘Eleven,’ you’d be hard pressed to argue with


December 2018 found the release of their third single from Yumeno

Garden, 'Bass God'. Sean explains, “The song is lyrically about looking

within for direction and guidance instead of to a higher power, but it

originated by a strange day dream I had about the bass god, a tall,

long haired, colourful faced-painted bass rock god playing all the epic

bass lines that united everyone in a euphoric trance.”

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To finish off the year Last Dinosaurs will be playing Beach Life Festival

in Adelaide headlined by The Kooks on December 28. They will then be

spending New Years Eve in Melbourne performing at NYE on the Hill.

2019 is kick started with Last Dinosaurs appearing at the Australian

Open Janurary 24 playing alongside Birds of Tokyo.

Following the release of Yumeno Garden, Last Dinosaurs will be touring

Australia in March 2019 hitting Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with

multiple sold out shows, as well as shows in Adelaide and Perth.

Venue Information:
The High Watt
One Cannery Row

Nashville, TN, 37203