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I Miss the Old Kanye

I Miss the Old Kanye

Sat · September 23, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Hosted by Indiestage

Sounds curated by DJTWOEE + DJ AYDAMN

Calvin Lockett
Calvin Lockett
Krysten Simone
Krysten Simone
Krysten Simone is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, TN. She is a former contestant of America's Got Talent. Her artistry is a fun contrast of R&B, Pop and Electronic styles with steady Hip-Hop influences. Her up in coming EP "The June Affaires", is a culmination of her artistry to date; her single Atmosphere, which is now available on iTunes, is an excitingly melodic summer jam.

Krysten began singing, writing and producing her own music at a very young age. She grew up listening to iconic acts such as Earth, Wind & Fire, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, and especially the vocal inspirations of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Krysten Simone attends Belmont University Majoring in Commercial Music, where she continues to better her artistry.
Ashley Leone
Ashley Leone
"Music is a unique language, but one that everyone can understand and relate to." says Ashley, "It bridges the gap between words that can't be said and feelings that can't be evoked. To be able to speak that language and share that experience with people is the most incredible feeling."

Ashley Leone is a Philly native whose hometown musical roots have influenced the R&B/Pop sound that defines her. Her extensive touring had her performing at nearly every venue in the Philadelphia area including the TLA, World Café Live, and multiple sold out shows at the legendary Tin Angel.

Relocating to Nashville in 2014 was another big step for this 20 year old. "I'm constantly inspired by the world around me and my songs grow from a combination of personal experiences or something as simple as noticing something in nature around me," Ashley said. "Some of the artists I gravitate towards for inspiration include Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé, John Legend, Alicia Keys and Ed Sheeran."

Songwriting is a very personal experience for Ashley. "My songwriting and live performances allow me to express my feelings in a way that in my own personal life, I would usually keep at arm's length." Ashley continues, "It is the best therapy for me to deal with my own emotions, share these feelings with others and make a human connection on a different level."

Ashley's first single, "Spinning," was chosen as the feature track for a nationwide campaign for Justice clothing stores. Earlier this year, she was one of five chosen out of 18,000 songwriters as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriters Competition.

2016 will see the release of her debut EP, SugarCoated.

When Ashley isn't writing, recording, and playing live shows you will most likely find her in just about any coffee shop around town.
J Whaley
J Whaley
Channeling his southern church roots, while telling a story like a Blues great, and fusing in the soul of original R&B, J Whaley is hosting a Soul Revival. Born and raised in Blytheville, Arkansas, J was inspired by music at an early age as he began singing in the choir of his dad’s church. It was then that he discovered his talent, passion and love for music. Throughout his musical maturation his influences have been undeniable - from Prince’s musical genius to Bilal Oliver’s creativity and Al Green’s and Kim Burrell’s vocal range, J continues to own his craft while making a name for himself by building a following of fans and supporters across the nation.

For J Whaley, singing is more than an interest. He is also a student of all genres of music as he plans to, not only revive soul and R&B, but to also collaborate with artists from various genres. He continues to expand and master his abilities through music and several different
instruments. He plays drums, keyboard and has recently added the acoustic and
electric guitar to his repertoire of instruments.

Not only does he have a love for music he also has a BIG HEART and love for children.
Mr. Jeremy, as he is known to the youth, is always there to do whatever he can to
strengthen, educate and mentor the youth. Coming from a strong Christian background
and having his parents as major influences in his life, he knows the value of instilling
good values in our youth. He is a proud sponsor of the CCM Leadership Academy, The March of
Dimes, Soles4Souls and Susan G. Komen Foundation
Born and raised in the Home of the Blues, (Memphis, TN) CAM, a Hip Hop artist, songwriter, and producer, brings a refreshing and soulful sound to the genre. Resurrecting traditional Hip Hop influences such as A Tribe Called Quest and Biggie and incorporating elements of Pop, Soul, Jazz, and Gospel music, CAM creates and tells stories in ways they have never been told before.

The son of a pastor, like many, CAM got his start in the church. His gift as a musician and an artist were discovered and flourished here. But instead of pursuing Gospel music, CAM wanted to make an impactful splash on the Hip Hop industry. He says "I'm gospel, not in the sense that I sing or write gospel music, but that I bring good news." Going against the usual grain of "money, hoes, and clothes" in Hip Hop, CAM's music projects a spirit of fun, love, and consciousness, engaging a vast and diverse audience.

Coming off of the success of his last project "The Life of Henry Wiggins", CAM is currently embarking on a new project, new sound, and new movement with his debut album, "Higher Learning". His first single, "Juke.", has already garnered positive reactions, acclaim, and opportunities for his growth.
Young Quael
Young Quael
Born Marquael Green on October 15, from Atlanta, GA (Stone Mountain). Currently a student at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. Young Quael lives by the self-proclaimed motto, “I just want to be heard…” His style and presence separates him from the crowd as he passionately delivers his music. His real life experiences and emotions inspire him to create. His music is of substance and his ability to word play and story-tell allows listeners to connect with him on different levels. Young Quael’s energy and musical technique self inspires and taps into the soul.

Motivated by Music, Young Quael’s love for music began at the age of 7. His talents were displayed at family events, talent shows, and the church choir. His grandfather, John Feazell of the band “FeaFunk” from Clearwater, Florida greatly influenced his love for music. His highly anticipated debut mix tape entitled “Adventures of Quaelman” releases Summer 2011.

Influences: Roger and Zapp, Outkast, Luther Vandross, Lost Boyz, Tupac, Biggie, Cold Play, Boyz to Men, Mint Condition, Method Man, Missy Elliott
Brik Liam
Brik Liam

"You've got to make sure that what you're holding onto isn't actually holding on to you. There is a difference. And to be able to tell the difference, sometimes you've got to let it all go. And it's said that if you let something go, and it returns, then it was meant to be. But if not, it was never yours. But you'll never know unless you let go."

Letting go, this is the message Brik.Liam promotes daily, without using a word, sometimes cleverly with that red-balloon-emoji you scroll past in your phone. His music speaks of the same theme; letting go. Whether it is in reference to a relationship, which most of the time it is, or simply letting go of fear, doubt, inhibition and bad habits.

The sound he presents, is quite soulful because of where he sings from, but also extremely eclectic and various in taste and texture, because of his eclectic and diversified upbringing. Brik.Liam, born Jacoby Jerome Williams, is a Virginia born artist, but grew up in several parts of the world. This is owed to his stepfather being in the military. He's lived in quite a few states and a couple different countries.

Raised strictly on Gospel/Christian music, Brik was able find his sound borrowing, and sometimes keeping a variety of CD’s from his friends and classmates. He has expressed his sound and ear was influenced by artist such as Brandy, Musiq Soulchild, Mary Mary, Tank, Gretchen Parlato, Marvin Gaye and the various vocalists you can find in Disney movies from the ate 80s to the early 2000s.

As a writer he started by simply spending time doing poetry and later decided to match melody to the words he created.

During his senior year of college at Clark Atlanta University, he, like the rest of the world, became extremely inspired by the artistry of Frank Ocean. As well as Jhene Aiko and mastermind James Fauntleroy. This new and refreshing music discovery pushed Brik to write lyrics with much more thought. He began wanting to tell stories and tell them with great intent and depth.

He got the name Brik from the word "brick" being a synonym for his favorite color, red. And Liam [lee-am] is from his real surname, Williams.

Brik’s first original body of work was a 9-song unofficial EP, Mr. Liam’s Neighborhood. The records from that project have allotted him many opportunities in several cities. He’s been featured on Ebony Magazine’s site for his single video “Shine”, and other sites and showcases since the projects release in 2014. Early 2016, with his reputation as a ‘vocal disk-jockey’, He released a project filled with creative song medley’s and mash-ups, entitled “…Still with Love, Brik…”Merging a various of song genres and artist; anyone from Stevie Wonder to Journey, Janet Jackson to Britney Spears.

He’s currently finishing up his first official body of work, still untitled. Working to even create some of his own production ideas, with the help of producers Travon Snipes and Mr. Damention. This process has allowed him to narrow down his sound. Slated to release early 2017.

He’s also well known for his visual art abilities and views. More and more building a live and online experience for people to enjoy with their ears and eyes. His aesthetic constantly tells the story of the sky and flight. Encouraging people to simply look up instead of down. Rocking all denim, and most times, a red beanie, inspired by the late-great Marvin Gaye.

Brik.Liam hopes to simply inspire. To ignite a light so it can be passed on.

Will you join the movement?
Venue Information:
The High Watt
One Cannery Row
Nashville, TN, 37203